UM is an app company which seeks to change the way a business manages it’s customer relationship. We’re doing some radical things that simply don’t exist in the modern business landscape and hope this new business model is one which keeps us in a prime position to lead mobile application technology.

The things which we’re looking to accomplish deal with making business decisions that foster better alignment with our customers who via purchase of our products have the chance to form the future or our applications.

This notion of customer driven design is something we feel creates a stonger bond in the due course of our relationship. We’re commited to offering royalties to those whose ideas are elected to become part of our new version release.

This website enables a customer to create a profile to engage with us directly with a better connection to our developers and other customers who come to read our blogs on upcoming changes and announcements.

We’re commited to changing business models that have not changed in thousands of years. We’re looking to do something new that creates revenue organically without the influence of stakeholders, stockholders or boards on wall street.

Our first move was to create a private non-corporate company that lives for the sole purpose of raising the bar the highest it can go in commerce. We feel our model is sound and sustatinable more than any others in existance today and one that is more immune to ups and downs in our global economy.

More so we feel our business model is able to prevent such damaging economic states because we’re putting our customers in a position to live better lives by sharing their ideas with us to build better products. Nothing is guaranteed from one customer to the next regarding how many will make money but if they keep at it there is no reason all of them can’t make money.

We offer a social platform where others can share ideas for their own apps and those apps can be built by us if they get the required number of votes from their peers. We feel that there are a number of underserved in this and it’s by no means perfected yet; but that is another area we expect customers to help.

We’d like you to help reshape the company to deliver more ways to reward customers for their engagement with us and truly share the success as one.

We recognize our only requirement in making this a reality for all comes down to making a commited decesion to do something about our economic troubles and use the wave of success mobile phones have enjoyed as a catylst to launch a new company, and new buiness model and fantasic new apps which everyone is sure to love thanks to our integrated app model that allows existing cherished features to become part of our offerings.

Other companies whose product customers now own and use get 100% of the revenue they get now with no interference from UM. It’s simply a win win for everyone. If investors are interested well they can engage the way we’ve provided but will not be able to invest in traditional ways. In other words they need to get their hands dirty to and dig deep to contribute something more than money and join us in helping make the world more financially sound from our joint results.


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