Unifi-Mobile has built our private crowd sourced company around your mind and thoughts as it’s a principal point of leverage for the success of us all. The thought worker will become mainstream soon as we all progress together to build great apps for the world to use and enjoy. If you’re not a developer or technical worker then you’re a thought worker. The term thought worker is something we’ve defined as the customer with great ideas who’s looking to share them to improve an app experience in exchange for royalties on the add-on products we’ll build if they earn 100 thousand up-votes on their suggestions.

The royalties come from your ability to comprehend what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We understand this is a long winded explanation of the who, what, when, where, how and why but you will gain everything here you need to succeed in this if you read all of it and make it part of your routine before you join-us and put your thoughts to work for you.

We understand that average users don’t know the first thing about creating smartphone apps and that is why we’ve partnered with others who are here to assure your success in the process. The smartphone was the chosen catalyst to build this crowd sourced model on because we’re seeing a revolution in the convergence of legacy technologies all coming together at the cross roads of the smartphone.

It starts with your idea and it can be pledged toward any existing app in the form of a suggestion or towards an entire app idea of your own. We are preparing to launch our first app Flipkey Elite and the sales from it will fund us into this custom crowd sourced model. We’ve projected this effort to take one million downloads before the fun can begin. Once we reach this milestone we’re ready to keep it going with new apps and existing apps in the market for those developers who wish to join us in helping all make money from these technologies.

Given we are using the funds from app sales to pay for employees, project managers, graphic designers, web/app developers, editors, video producers, lawyers, marketing professionals and your royalties we’ll need to achieve 1 million in sales from Flipkey Elite before we would be able to fund the royalties from your suggestions and app ideas. We’re not bank financed and we choose to remain that way to keep the business within our member/customers realm which does everything to protect your royalty benefits.

We’re a private company which does not rely on or solicit the support of angel investors, private investors, banks, financial institutions, Wall Street or hard money loans. Your purchase of our apps fund the entire operation. This initiative has been in development for three years; has no investors and has been funded on our money exclusively.

A half a million dollars has been paid out over the last three years to many professionals in order to bring this to the world and help make this a reality for you. We’ve reached the point living with someone’s else idea of reality is no longer sustainable much less the way to go.


Because we decided to create another way for anyone to apply themselves using their thoughts in effort to help equalize the imbalance of poverty in our world. We’re looking to put a major dent in poverty in addition to helping those whose income levels are not what they desire them to be.

The best way to make money is to find opportunities that require little to no money and leverage the intellectual assets you possess within. Working smarter not harder will yield the kind of income results only royalties can deliver because recurring income takes an action or effort you’ve done once and makes it possible for you to make money over and over again without ongoing supply costs and expenses. Making it possible for you to earn and cash a check every 30 days.

Many people think this problem can’t be solved so they do nothing to try or worse yet wait on their government to solve the financial disparity in the world. We have to solve this problem because no one else really can effectively or even will for that matter as there currently remains no incentive for anyone in the world to tackle the issue of poverty or poor quality of life. We’re looking to help everyone but know those whose financial situations are the worse will benefit the most as they are usually ones who have abundant amounts of time and no real opportunities to earn a living due to a myriad of reasons.

If we never try to do something to equalize the imbalance of wealth in this world the problems will never will go away; unless someone with enough generosity comes along and bails the world out. But that would only bring temporal relief and we need something sustainable and this is why we’ve thought deeply about this and our effort leads us to this specific and most probable solution at this point in time.

We’ve built this so other people can come on board and we’ll continue this until we’ve reached our destination (global financial sustainability) so that in our next lifetimes we can enjoy what we’ve all built in this lifetime and that helps us all fulfill the real purpose for our presence on this planet; aside from selfishly living it out; only to return in our next life to something far worse then we see today.

What we’re doing here is in the spirit of service to others, the time is now.

Taking care of this place we all live in is our responsibility and always will be; not the world governments. If we fall asleep at the wheel doing nothing we’re all going to eventually have to live with what we didn’t do about poverty and default to living in a terrible place where little brotherly love or neighborly like relationships exist. By not making a choice we surrender to the choice others will make for us and that has in conduct not worked out well for thousands of years as greed and war is nearly the only thing this planet has ever known and the underserved majority have suffered greatly leaving fate in the hands of the minority who quite frankly have done a terrible job delivering balance. By not making a choice we’re making a choice to accept whatever the leaders of the world end up creating for us all. So far we’ve seen and history has recorded no good thing coming from that approach.

If we do nothing, the result will be perpetual focus on mere survival and nothing more or less and we’re moving that direction at light speed now. We the majority must take responsibility for our inaction up to this point because our daily duties can no longer take priority over laying a solid foundation for our financial affairs. We already run the world with our financial choices and without us the world would crumble to ash as it’s our intrinsic inter-dependence on one another that Is the glue which holds the whole of our global economy together. What Unifi-Mobile is doing here is focusing that financial energy towards only the majority of people who lack secure and sustainable financial futures.

We’re moving sort of the direction we’re heading for now before we engaged our choice to do something more. Will this be enough? Perhaps or Maybe not but we have to try and do something different because what we’ve all been doing has not yielded the fruit we’re all expected. Something as important as the money you all need to survive cannot be left in the hands of the reckless and corrupt.

We can do better with our choices on what to spend our physical, mental and emotional energy on; in a way that helps us all achieve what we’re all after. (Leaving no one out including the currently wealthy people) as they too will benefit from the natural spending we all do in their corporate market places.

When we’re done we’ll all have more money to help others, do more things for ourselves or really anything you have in mind where your unspent desires stand. The execution of your choice, application of your will, focus and determination is all that is required to make those plans a reality of your own, luck and money are not needed if you do these things together with us, we’ll take care of the hard parts.

Help as many others as possible in this and they will help you back. All sacrifices require giving something first before anything can be received. A basic example everyone can comprehend in this is that you must work your job and sacrifice your time and labor before you can receive a paycheck.

It does not get any easier than this; after all we’re only asking you to think and grow rich.

We’re not ever going to solve any of these difficult lingering global problems complaining to world leaders and governments they don’t have meaningful or sustainable answers thanks to greed or the lust for control over your thoughts. We should never ask someone else to the solve problems our choices and decisions have created. So far we have all lived selfishly in that we have not made a conscious contribution toward investing in anything that stands to deliver on the prosperity for all. Remember not making a choice and doing nothing created the problems we see now when it comes to poverty.

We need to take responsibility and use our choices another way by capitalizing our own thoughts on something to cure this global disease of poverty while working together in giving birth to a better life centered around solutions we’ve created ourselves and then we can finally earn something we can all be proud of and get to work spending that pent up desire to do whatever has been in our dreams to do for ourselves. Everyone deserves a real opportunity to make it big and live this way.

What we end up building; results in the collaborative effort from us all, not Unifi-Mobile’s ideas… Your ideas.! We’re building something everyone can be a part of to create not just apps for our smartphones but amazing lives we’ve all been foolishly waiting on someone else to deliver.

Unifi-Mobile has chosen to create our own reality with you and that is one where we work together in the pursuit of true happiness and together we achieve the highest quality of life on something we can all have more control over.

We’ve all been already working together our whole lives to support a reality of some unknown source only to see the uber-wealthy grow more and more while everyone else has experienced an erosion of their net worth and quality of life.

The uber-wealthy had to work hard and adhere to extremely strict rules and procedures to earn and sustain what they have and due to this deserve the lifestyles they have made for themselves. We’re going to help them achieve more sustainability than what they already have now but this time you’ll be coming for the ride to the top with them and there we will all remain so long as we continue to work and never leave our fates again in the hands of the greedy and incapable.

Best part of our model is that we don’t exclude the massively successful corporations or uber-wealthy people instead we include them to join us in our mutual desire to make the kind of living that puts all of us into a position of creators. They are no more evil than anyone who would step on someone else to get to the top for the sake of survival but fear is the root cause of that behavior and it was never really necessary to do that. Now we have a way in which we can all work together and set a great example.

Living your life with purpose and using your creative powers will help you achieve a kind of satisfaction many have never felt and earn lasting and meaningful personal satisfaction of our accomplishments.

Everyone has a different definition of what they consider successful and wealthy so the uber-rich get richer but now everyone else is able to work on their idea of what defines living wealthy.

We know some will be happy with a smaller amount and others won’t be happy until they’ve achieved a massive amount, the only thing that separates those two examples of individual outcome is the amount of determination and focus they apply toward the process and what goal they have set for themselves to begin with. We empower your choice and never do anything to impede or manipulate it.

Our individual result will be dependent on what we put into the sacrifice of working toward something better. The sacrifice is the most important ingredient the recipe of success requires.

This is meant to be a supplemental way of making a living and is the best example of working smarter not harder. The smart work comes from the need to make an app once and you can sell it over and over again overcoming the common supply chain hurdles of supply and demand.

We don’t have to be concerned about supply in this regard because we’re all helping one another circulate wealth according to what we all want and need on our smartphones.

Personalities, opinions, ideas, suggestions, positive thinkers and negative thinkers all end up working just as effective in this effort since there are so many ways to achieve success in a world of infinite variables. We’ve seen negative energy do just as much positive in our world as positive energy does.

Where ideas are concerned everyone is right (not wrong) because while a majority may not see something suggested as valuable a minority of the whole will which is why we don’t require more than a 100K in up-votes to make this work for you and in a world with over 9 billion people it’s not a lot.

We plan to extend this model to other endeavors once we establish ourselves in this venue and will open it up to more markets so others who wish to use their thoughts have a canvas to draw them on and realize the manifested reality in their birth. Whatever we can do to keep money from becoming a requirement the better so any who come and join don’t feel the weight of lack keeping them from earning on their idea.

Ideas need to be cultivated and you’re in control of the pricing and are able to make deals with other members to share royalty earnings. We highly recommend you do this as a crowd sourced model depends on it for all stakeholders to see a return from their sacrifices of time and efforts.

You’re going to need help as no one can do anything without the help of another, we’re going to help you as well but the resources we’ve chosen as there for you too. You don’t have to do this alone.

After all there is only one thing every human being has an equal measure of and that is your thoughts.

Thoughts should not be under estimated for they are the source energy behind every material creation we all enjoy on the planet; for without thoughts we’d have none of it. Your thoughts don’t require a college degree they are not measured by some IQ formula or put into a separate class of importance.

Some ideas need to be cultivated and explained to a degree others see your vision and that is why we’ve invited the best professionals in the industry to help you make it big. By helping you we’re helping ourselves and by other helping you they’re helping themselves likewise.

We already do this today without a crowd sourcing model or Unifi-Mobile appearing to take credit for it and a great example of this comes to mind when you consider how very little you’d have in your life if someone didn’t have the mercy enough to say you’re hired when you got that important job you always wanted. There is a degree of mandatory co-dependence you can never abandon for the sake of your own survival it’s just that many of us have lost sight of the importance others play in what we enjoy in our life regardless of what idea or skill we offered.

Remember someone has to accept the offer and If they didn’t you would never have received that job. This is why it’s so important you make the most of your relationships and keep your commitments to one another as it’s critical to your success and future in this.

A crowd sourced company does not work on traditional well established profit models which feed what others perceive as greedy investors regardless of where they come from. We’ve built this company to be debt free and it will remain that way as we move forward.

Due to the fact our global economy has always been controlled by bankers this reality results in us living with the consequences of inflation every year and recessions every seven years like clockwork.

Our money supply inflates to a degree we globally struggle in maintaining the desired quality of life we all seek, putting us in a position of never having time to enjoy the fruits of our labor because we’re too busy making money only to survive paycheck to paycheck.

No one will ever be able to express their life desires if someone does not do something to put the entire world in a position to solve their own problems. We’ve heard of think tanks and the experts putting the most brilliant people on the task of solving the world problems and yet they come back empty handed.

We’re hoping everyone will see the wisdom in using your thoughts to secure your future and take pride in making it on your own decisions, focused determination and by spending your time in deeper states of thought for anyone who applies their choice to this process will achieve sustainable success as long as your able to see temporal failures as a great teacher in how to do things right.

Never get discouraged from failing but rather always recognize those failures are attempts to execute your understanding of something and that your continued focus leads to a perfected a self-evident truth that you only get out of something what you put into it.

Great value comes from great sacrifices of your time and energy. So as you work to perfect something it gains more value to you and others. The secret to your sustainable success is in getting from others what they hate about something which exists now and directing your energy around what they expect or desire to be present.

Use your idea to deliver on those expectations along with an unshakable belief you can do and have whatever you desire and you’re guaranteed to win. To believe something is the most powerful thing and far more powerful than positive thoughts because you can have all the positive thoughts in the world but if your beliefs are negative your reality will always mirror what your negative beliefs determine as reality not what you’re positive thoughts might deceive you into thinking. This is why people who don’t believe in something and have negative thoughts to enforce their negative beliefs always get the result they expect. While the positive thinker has negative beliefs is let down all of the time because they think the positive thoughts should overcome and prevail over their doubtful and very negative beliefs.

The negative person as a result always gets their way and exactly what they expect, while the positive thinker suffers from being indecisive due to negative beliefs. That is why for those who have positive thoughts and negative beliefs you can count on our positive belief you will overcome those common undesired results.

We would not make it very far if we were to just take ideas and spend money developing them the sacrifice is required in tandem with belief and positive thoughts. The 100 thousand vote requirement does two things it gives you a sense of pride for earning the votes and gives us the needed traction your idea is worth creating and building.

We have to pay all of the people who work on your behalf to make the things you create from your thoughts / ideas. We must get traction before we can fund anything forward. If we’re going to do this together we have to remain reasonable about our expectations initially until we reach the point of apps sales where we can deliver on the model we’re all supporting to help the world.

In pursuit of your goal never give up if you set a goal to travel a mile and only end up getting a block or worse maybe just a few inches. Take whatever you can get because as you move forward you have no choice but to reach your destination. This is a way you can stay the course and defeat doubts as you constantly check the temperature of reality. Do not let what you don’t see affect your belief let your determination and patience dictate your results by forcing the steps forward regardless of how much distance you travel on any given day.

If you choose to go to the store and half way there decide I just can’t do it and give up you still have to turn around and go back home when you could have stayed the course and made it to the store. You see there is no dream here or good luck needed to go to a store. The same is true for anything you wish to do or desire to have or go. It all works the same exact way.

Nothing is built in one minute, or overnight, learn to set expectations on it taking forever to get what you’re after and then make your plans according to a proven process that always delivers results.

Don’t try to do something just do it. (Follow the steps or process and you will do it.)

Don’t want for something just have it. (Picture yourself having the thing and use it to motivate your action in making it happen) then you will eventually have it according to your beliefs not thoughts. If your beliefs are not right then re-form them by ignoring the triggers around you that cause doubt and don’t seek the approval of others ever as your measure of what is worth your time or not.

Don’t hope for something just get it. (Hoping is putting you in a position of helplessness meaning you feel like something must happen before you can take action) If you hope to get something to eat you’d starve to death but if you just go get yourself something to eat you’ll be fed. If you don’t take action (work) you can’t eat. Take action,

Don’t wish for something rather (just believe you have it) cause wishing and wanting are suspended states of having and both our founded in doubtful expectation not knowing having beliefs.

Wishing and wanting is not the same as having make sure you adjust your thoughts on having at all times and the body/mind/spirit/universe will obey your command automatically. Then you’ll take action on all those things you just can’t seem to get accomplished.

Your belief determine your actions for what you believe determines what you’ll actually do.

So while you may think none of this matters the proof that it’s real for those who think this can be found looking at your own life. For proof is self-evident in the life you’re now living.

Which means if you don’t think this works and you find yourself not having what you’ve always wanted consider it’s only because you were asking for the want of it not the having of it and then you’ll suddenly realize you’ve been getting exactly what you really wanted all along and that it was because of your improperly adjusted thoughts and beliefs in case you need something to blame for the lack in your life.

We’re happy to work with you as we pursue this great endeavor together, create an account and let’s have fun in the process. Welcome to the family it’s nice to meet you…


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